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Our Philosophy


community based care

What do you do when you are fighting a pandemic that affects 422 Million people? You unite the masses together to combat the problem using power of crowdsourced healthcare.

power of mother Nature

Our community believes in treatment available with mother nature. Herbal based treatments combined with dietary and lifestyle modifications have been proven to successfully reverse diabetes.

holistic approach

Diabetes reversal is not only about reducing your blood sugar levels. We believe in holistic treatment of your organs like the liver, kidneys & heart that have been damaged over years of abuse.



Pranique is a combination of ‘Prana’ (meaning life-force or energy) and ‘unique’ - implying the uniqueness of every individual based on Prakriti and Dosha. What works for one patient may not be right for everyone, as each of us is unique. All of us are biochemically different from one another with different DNA, hormonal and neurotransmitter levels. We react differently to food, medications or any external stimuli. If we all are different, where did the idea of having one best nutrition program for everyone come from? Pranique Diet is tailored specifically to the patient’s requirement by integrating the principles of the 5000-year-old science of Ayurveda with our modern lifestyle and current fitness trends. It encourages a conscious way of living as food can be medicinal or harmful for the body depending on 'what you eat', 'where you eat', 'when you eat', 'why you eat' and 'how you eat it'.

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How it works

Food choices are based on your Prakriti, age, quality of the food, current season and your location. For example: A diabetic patient with Kapha Prakriti (water and earth) can balance the influence of doshas by eating foods that are light, dry, or warm in nature. 
The period between 10 am to 2 pm is dominated by Pitta. As the digestive fire or Agni is strongest during that period it is the best time to eat your largest and most complex meal. Drinking hot ginger tea will further help to stimulate the slow digestion in people with Kapha Prakriti. 
In general, older people have Vata (air and ether) predominance, which may weaken the Agni (digestive fire) and vital tissues become drier. Eating smaller portions of warm, moist and nutrient-rich meals at regular intervals, like soups, can help them to maintain a balanced state of health.

So the first step is a Prakriti analysis consultation with us followed by detailed diet chart


Chikista Sutra

What we know of today as diabetes has been mentioned thousands of years ago in Ayurveda as Madhumeha which means frequent urination and presence of sugar in urine. 
The disease etiology is described in two ways - Aggravation of Vata Dosha due to tissue depletion (dhatukshya janya) or obstruction of the channels (srotas) due to blockage by Kapha dosha and fatty tissue (Kapha Meda Avarana).  
To effectively manage the condition, Ayurveda recommends the use of specific herbal treatments. It is only now that we are beginning to identify some of the beneficial actions of the natural herbs such as cinnamon from a scientific perspective.


Our Procedure

Patients are classified into two groups according to their vitality, psychosomatic constitution and disease etiology. 
Ayurvedic herbal supplements for the treatment of diabetes are selected on the principles of rasa (taste), guna (physical and chemical properties), veerya (potency), vipaka (post-digestive effect) and prabhava (unique effect of the supplement). 
The fundamental principle in Ayurveda is that like increases like and opposites balance each other. Therefore, herbs with pungent and astringent properties are used for the treatment of diabetes. Multiple herbs may be advised in a way that their natural attributes synergistically enhance the action of the whole formula. They not only exhibit anti-diabetic properties but also act as prophylactic against diabetic complications.

Dr Trupti Shirole Eradicate Diabetes

Longer Care

Some of our patients need longer term care .This is often required in the following situations.

1. Adjustments to dietary changes: Patients need handholding to gradually adjust to the new dietary guidelines. When small changes are made gradually over time we see 3X better results than making all changes at the same time.

2. Treatment of associated problems: Diabetes can wreak havoc on the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, kidneys and liver. A comprehensive natural supplementation plan is prescribed with periodic review of blood and urine tests to gradually restore good health to these organs.

Prices are affordable at

1. $99 for 1month

2. $199 for 3 months

3. $ 399 for 6 months

Long term care is physician supervised under Dr Trupti Shirole(above) who holds a Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) and has successfully treated 100,000+ patients so far. She is based out of Pune, India and her india medical license number is I-59440-A.


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